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Name: Cody Patton
City: Wichita
State/Province: Kansas
Sent: 06/21/2012 07:30:57 pm

ArtAID started supporting Positive Directions in 2003 and has been a major funding source for our programs. I could never thank everyone who has volunteered, donated, sponsored, modeled or participated. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Name: Jillian Smalley
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: CA
Sent: 06/21/2012 03:25:36 pm

I love this event! I always have so much fun performing in it! Wichita is such a great city, and I get to see the best of it once a year!
Good Luck for many years to come!

Name: Joshua Carlson
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: CA
Sent: 06/20/2012 01:36:07 pm

I started with Art Aid 14 years ago and it has been such a wonderful experience! Graham Ross and Tod Ernst have been so amazing, as has everyone at Planet Hair over the years. I am so proud of Positive Directions and all of the good they do in the community. They do so much with so little. I hope every year to be able to give more to help such a great cause.
I am so excited about Art Aid in 2012! Century II is going to be so amazing!

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