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Art Aid

over $1,500,000 raised to date

October 2013


Art Aid’s Next Top Model

Would you like to model in Art Aid?

Come to the Planet Hair Model Call!

For more information email:

I Sponsored Art Aid!

and all I got was this lousy thank you...

Thank You!

Art Aid is attended by thousands of Kansans!
Sponsorship provides much needed support for the event, and puts businesses in front of socially active people who support Art Aid Sponsors.
To discuss your sponsorship ideas, email:

How Can I Get a Free Ticket?

You can’t. But you can get a complimentary ticket for Volunteering!

Here are some of the ways:


Hang Posters!


Volunteer AT the Event
Take Tickets, Set Up, or More!


Help with the Art!

To Volunteer email:


Behind the Scenes!

Art Donation

Art Aid needs talented artists!
All artists receive a complimentary ticket to the event and eternal gratitude.
If you would like to donate a sculpture, painting, or other piece of art please email: